Indian Ocean Fund

Indian Ocean Fund

The Indian Ocean Strategy seeks to find value and growth in India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Vietnam and Mauritius. As other regional markets develop, such as Myanmar, they may be added to the Strategy. The Strategy aims to generate both dividend income and capital appreciation. The Fund may also buy geographically relevant companies listed in other markets.

The Strategy aims to generate value through careful stock selection in a managed, low turnover portfolio of 50-80 stocks.

The Strategy is long-only with no ‘index hugging’, and an active-conservative management style. Target performance is 12% per annum. The benchmark is 75% MSCI India and 25% MSCI Asia Frontier Markets.

Management will undertake rigorous ESG studies, with particular attention to corporate governance and shareholder value for money.

On 1 December 2016, Lloyd George Management launched the strategy as a Cayman Fund in a US Master-Feeder structure. The strategy is accessible to both US and non-US professional investors.